Impact Data

Read Better Be Better is an evidence-based, after-school literacy intervention program proven to improve reading comprehension, confidence, and enjoyment of reading. See our data highlights from the 2019-2020 school year below. 

All District Program Highlights 2019-2020

  • In the Fall 2019 semester, participating RBBB students showed 16% more growth on reading comprehension tests over their non- participating classmates.
  • 88% of 3rd graders self-report that they are getting better at reading than before they were in RBBB.
  • 81% of 3rd graders agree or strongly agree that they understand what they read better than they could before participating in RBBB, and 79% agree or strongly agree that reading is easier for them than it used to be.
  • 87% of the middle schoolers self-report they have what it takes to be a good leader after participating in RBBB.
  • 80% of leaders and 87% of 3rd-grade readers self-reported that they enjoyed coming to RBBB programming.
  • 91% of parents reported that their 3rd grader understands what they read better than they did before participating in RBBB.
  • In the Spring 2020 semester, RBBB distributed 4,590 Literacy Kits to 51 schools in 10 districts. The kits include a curriculum guide with instructions for parents and caregivers; a literacy resource sheet; pencil and sharpener; sticky notes; and a storybook.
Student survey results displayed in horizontal bar graph
Line graphs % Improvement Concentration, Enjoyment, and Comprehension
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