Pathway to Education Professions

High schoolers in Read Better Be Better’s Changemaker Continuum can join the Pathway to Education Professions, engaging in a paid internship as Program Assistants. They collaborate closely with RBBB staff during after-school literacy sessions, aiming to empower students to directly influence the education system by assisting local schools. These Program Assistants play a crucial role in supporting students within the RBBB Program, aiding in training student Leaders to execute structured after-school programs for young Readers. Through personalized interactions, they exemplify and promote active engagement with diverse texts, nurturing a passion for reading and education.

pathway to education profession afterschool program read better be better high school students

Program Highlights:

  • Paid Internship: Program Assistants working closely with RBBB staff during after-school literacy sessions, contributing to local schools and impacting the education system directly.
  • Shadow 3rd-grade Teachers:  gaining insights into classroom dynamics, teaching techniques, and educators’ daily responsibilities. This hands-on experience helps Program Assistants develop essential skills for future careers in teaching or related fields, furthering their passion for education.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in this program reach out to