Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Read Better Be Better is absolutely committed to its values: Be Excellent and Be Kind. We are united in our dedication to the RBBB mission and celebrate success together.

We seek and are grateful for any opportunity to listen, learn and grow from exposure to different perspectives. In that way, we hope to stand with, support and uplift our community.

Below is our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement, which outlines our commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture, with equitable treatment of all.

Equity: RBBB is committed to creating conditions in which all individuals can thrive. We collaborate to ensure all stakeholders are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunity.

Diversity: RBBB embraces the value and perspective that both visible and invisible differences bring to our work.

Inclusion: RBBB is committed to maintaining a healthy workplace climate by fostering a culture of kindness and acceptance. We recognize that every individual’s journey is unique. As such, ensuring access and inclusion should be a flexible, collaborative, and continuous process.

Below are direct actions we are taking to make our EDI statement come to life. 

  • Identify and develop strong relationships with local college and community career centers/job boards and diverse student and community organizations, who are dedicated to community service and social justice causes that align with our mission, to broaden the candidate pool. Contact will be made 2x/mo. with each partner.
  • Commit to regularly posting each job opening on at least three diversified job boards that align with EDI. 
  • Build recruitment relationships in our partner schools within applicable districts by contacting school hiring managers, once at the beginning and once at end of the semester.
  • Each semester, offer 25% of qualified/interviewed potential employment candidates an opportunity to shadow for a day in order to familiarize them with the position and program.
  • Establish guidelines and processes for a mentoring program that allows current staff members to connect with other staff in an effort to learn more about different positions within the organization, the program, and the culture.
  • Develop and add at least 3-5 diversity/inclusion questions in the annual staff survey that will be sent out in December of each year.
  • Provide avenues for continuous open and honest feedback by educating staff on available surveys every quarter, as well as developing processes through one-on-ones, team meetings, and Program Coach meetings to provide opportunities for feedback.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy for previous program participants to become staff members/interns/volunteers by Spring 2021.
  • Update policies/handbooks/job descriptions to include salary ranges.
  • Make a continuous effort to learn about the histories of the communities we serve by partnering with existing community organizations through volunteering 1x per semester or attending shared workshops in an effort to learn best practices.
  • Develop an internal/external list of EDI educational resources that will be shared on social media on an ongoing basis and with staff during onboarding and during EDI trainings.
  • Commit to reading through EDI resources and discussing together in order to use the knowledge gained to inform and improve RBBB policies and program quality at least 1x per quarter.
  • Develop a strategy to initiate a youth/family advisory board that focuses on program development and outreach.
  • Use the “Growth Mindset Forum” Slack channel and RBBB social media to promote opportunities in the communities we serve as well as educational resources/articles to help promote further education on how to get involved in the community 1x per week.
  • Run breakdown of RBBB student demographics and work towards appropriate curriculum book representation.
  • Identify curriculum books and giveaway books that promote EDI and are reflective of RBBB student population. 
  • Write curriculum to accompany additional books. 
  • Research and develop equity/inclusion-specific activities for after curriculum. 
  • Utilize donated funds for external staff training related to racial/social justice:
    • Children’s reactions to racial/social unrest (Mandatory for program team)
    • Handling “difficult” conversations regarding racial/social justice (Mandatory for all)
    • Seizing teachable moments regarding racial/social justice (Mandatory for program team)
  • Include Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion statement in appropriate external communications – website, social media accounts, mailing lists, job boards, job descriptions, employee/board communications.
  • Update website, including career site, with inclusive formatting: screen reader for people with vision loss and subtitles on videos for hearing loss. 
  • Translate job descriptions, tabling information, recruitment materials, and About Us on website.
  • Change RBBB images to reflect EDI commitment and represent those we serve and our community.
  • Develop an advocacy strategy that aligns with our EDI statement as well as our values of Be Excellent and Be Kind.
    • Include 2020-2021 Operating Plan.
  • Define our parameters for partnerships in regards to aligned values and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. Engage in specific dialogue with partners to identify any disconnect.