Reading Program

RBBB’s Tier-4 evidence-based literacy program pairs as young “Readers” with older “Leaders” in a program facilitated by RBBB Program Coaches at partnering schools and organizations.

Twice a week, RBBB Program Coaches run programming at partner schools and community organizations, helping students master reading comprehension in three ways:

  • Improving concentration
  • Encouraging an active enjoyment of reading
  • Helping develop a deeper understanding of what is being read

We support basic classroom instruction with additional comprehension strategies to improve proficiency and positively impact future academic success.


How It Works

The Read Better Be Better curriculum is based on the constructivism theory that says all learning is about a search for meaning. So how does that work? Imagine each new idea or story is like a puzzle piece. Kids don’t just memorize facts; they put these puzzle pieces together to understand the bigger picture. 

In our program, this means we create activities that let kids explore, ask questions, and discover answers on their own. It gives students the tools to unlock their curiosity and learn in their own unique way helping them become thinkers, problem-solvers, and lifelong learners! 


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RBBB Curriculum Aligns with Arizona's ELA Standards

Did you know? Read Better Be Better curriculum is in alignment with Arizona’s English Language Arts Standards for 3rd grade! Every detail of the RBBB curriculum is backed up by educational research, ensuring that the skills students build and strengthen during RBBB programming will be engrained in their everyday lives and continue to help them throughout the rest of their educational career. Those who implement this curriculum can be confident of the greater impact they are having on the student’s academic achievement.