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two students reading

Read Better Be Better (RBBB) was founded by Sophie Etchart in 2014 in Phoenix as a response to Arizona’s literacy crisis. The state is ranked 45th in the nation for childhood literacy and 48th for PreK-12th education. Currently, 69% of 3rd graders from low-income families in Arizona do not read at grade level and often are unable to make the necessary transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” by 4th grade.  

Students who do not read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school.  But with proper reading intervention, there is an 89% chance that students who can read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade will graduate from high school, irrespective of socio-economic status. 

RBBB’s mission is to help children improve literacy skills and become better learners. The organization’s after-school program serves 3rd-grade Readers who have been identified by their teachers as needing targeted reading intervention. The 3rd graders are paired for a semester with at-risk 6th-8th grade Leaders who have been recommended to the program by school personnel, including social workers and resource officers, often because they have in some way become disengaged from school. The Leaders are provided with ongoing training in implementing reading strategies, leadership, and coaching skills by RBBB Site Leaders, many of whom are education majors. Together the Site Leaders, Leaders, and Readers work to improve concentration, reading comprehension, and the enjoyment of reading. 

RBBB currently partners with 10 districts in 62 schools, serving a total of 3,968 Readers and Leaders across Maricopa and Pinal counties.  Check out the videos below and follow us on social media to learn more!