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Read Better Be Better COVID Success Story

Read Better Be Better (RBBB) is an Arizona nonprofit that focuses on improving child literacy, specifically at the 3rd grade level. Students who do not read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade are four times less likely than their peers to graduate high school. RBBB partners struggling 3rd grade Readers with at-risk 6th-8th grade mentor Leaders to meet twice a week for 10 weeks and work through structured curriculum to improve reading comprehension, concentration, and the enjoyment of reading. Learn more about this organization in a video we produced Pre-Covid HERE.

Read Better Be Better Partner Spotlight

Valley of the Sun United Way is a proud partner of RBBB. We fight to ensure kids succeed by helping them be proficient readers! To learn more visit:

Cómo usar el Family Literacy Kit de RBBB

¡RBBB ofrece una nueva forma de ayudar a las familias a trabajar en la comprensión lectora de sus hijos en casa! Descargue nuestra Guía Curricular de nuestro sitio web y siga este video instructivo para aprender a utilizar los principios del Guía Curricular de RBBB mientras lee con su hijo. Al convertirse en mejores lectores, los niños aprenderán mejor y tendrán más éxito en la escuela.

#RBBBStoryTime Playlist

During this difficult time, RBBB is committed to continuing to serve our communities and providing access to books for children who might otherwise have limited access to them. Our amazing staff and volunteers are supporting this mission by helping film our first ever #RBBBStorytimes, short videos where we read aloud our favorite children’s books!

These videos are also available on our Instagram (@readbetteraz) and Facebook (@readbetterbebetter).

Univision Anonymous Heroes Highlights Read Better Be Better

¡Estamos muy orgullosos de ser presentados en la serie Anonymous Heroes de Univision Noticias! Nuestro increíble site leader, Litzy Santana, habló con la reportera Daniela Zavala sobre nuestros recientes Family Literacy Kits. #RBBBInTheNews

Family Literacy Kit Training with RBBB

RBBB is happy to offer a new way to help families work on their child’s reading comprehension at home! Download our curriculum guide from our website (linked below) and follow along with this instructional video to learn how to utilize the principles of RBBB’s curriculum while you read with your child. By becoming better readers, children will become better learners and achieve greater success in school.

Read Better Be Better: Proud Literary Society of the Southwest Partner

Thank you to the Literary Society of the Southwest for helping to fund our Family Literacy Kits in the Spring of 2020!

RBBB is hiring!

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Learn what it is like to be a part of this extraordinary team, impacting the lives of thousands of children every year – inspiring and equipping middle schoolers to help struggling third grade readers improve literacy skills and become better learners.

An Introduction to Read Better Be Better

Read Better Be Better is the only nonprofit after-school literacy program that engages youth leaders to solve Arizona’s literacy crisis. Find out how we’re building not only students’ academic and life-long success but growing stronger schools and communities!

Read Better Be Better- The Student Experience

What’s it like to be a part of Read Better Be Better? This video provides insight into the RBBB student experience.