Tax Credit

two students smile while reading together

Your donation to Read Better Be Better qualifies for the Arizona Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations, designed to help you reduce your state tax liability and help organizations at the same time.

Arizona Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations 

The state of Arizona gives every taxpayer the opportunity to choose the recipient of their dollars that would have gone to taxes. For every $1 you give to Read Better Be Better, you’ll reduce your tax bill by the same $1up to $400 for single taxpayers and $800 for married taxpayers filing jointly.  

Far better than a deduction, this empowers you to directly fund the local programs and services that matter to you. When you donate to Read Better Be Better, your tax dollars will go to work within your own community. Please use Read Better Be Better’s tax code: 20783 when filling out the form. 

We Need Your Financial Support.

Read Better Be Better is proud of our exhaustively researched, Tier 4 evidence-based reading and comprehension program. Our curriculum is well tested and surprisingly cost-effective to implement at each school. Our staff members are tireless champions of literacy, and we insist on compensating them for their time. 

We’ve designed a lean and efficient after-school system that shows children how reading really is fun and attainable with the right skills. Your financial contribution allows us to add more schools, expand our program into new districts, and serve more children who need us. 

Your donation keeps our services free for those who need it!