Teacher Appreciation Week: A Tribute to Arizona’s Teachers

Read Better Be Better Honors Teacher Appreciation Week

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. — Nelson Mandela (Tweet this)

Teachers aren’t superheroes in the traditional form. They don’t wear capes, leap tall buildings in a single bound, or shoot webs from their hands. And yet, their powers are life-changing.

They work tirelessly to help children reach their full potential, spend their own money on classroom supplies, grade tests during their free time, and put in countless overtime hours to help struggling students succeed.

If that’s not a superhero, we don’t know what is.

Yes, teachers are some of the best humans we know. And in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Read Better Be Better would like to thank all the excellent teachers who have devoted their lives to education. We salute and support you every day!

Working Hand in Hand

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime. (Tweet this)

With a troubling shortage of teachers in Arizona, classrooms are overcrowded and educators are overworked. However, that’s why Read Better Be Better was designed to support both children and teachers. We aim to take some of the burden off of educators so they can focus on whole-class instruction.

In short, our after-school program provides extra curriculum time and one-on-one support to third-graders who struggle with reading and comprehension. Together, RBBB and teachers make the perfect team — fighting to solve Arizona’s literacy crisis in the classroom and out.

Did you know? 100% of teachers say RBBB helps their students focus and concentrate better, as well as be more respectful and kinder in class. This helps their students maintain classroom behavior that’s conducive to learning. (Tweet this)

The Next Generation of Teachers 

Read Better Be Better Honors Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions. (Tweet this)

Since 2015, RBBB has offered a workforce development program for education majors. We invite students to work as site leaders during our after-school program so they can get hands-on experience in a classroom setting.

This invaluable experience helps education majors understand the gravity of Arizona’s literacy crisis and the extraordinary difference they can make in children’s lives by becoming a teacher. But it also better prepares them to manage a classroom and start their careers with confidence.

Here’s a look at what our program includes:

  • Authentic classroom management experience
  • Facilitated peer-learning to reflect upon experiences
  • Formalized, regular professional development to better equip students for success in the classroom and beyond
  • Exposure to under-resourced and perhaps disenfranchised communities and the challenges they face

Teacher Appreciation Week

Through the Read Better Be Better program, we strive to show teachers they’re appreciated and supported every day. After all, these heroic humans give children the most important superpower of their lives — education. 

So, join us in thanking teachers this week, and every week, for the excellent, life-changing work they do to help children learn, grow, and most importantly, succeed.

Dr. Dave signing off!

How will you thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week?