April 26, 2018 is a historic day. In response to the first teacher walkout in Arizona history, more than 1,000 Arizona public schools (in nearly 110 school districts and charter schools) have closed.

But the fight has just begun.

As thousands of educators, parents, children, and supporters march to Arizona’s Capitol today, you’ll find our team among them.

Read Better Be Better is proud to stand in solidarity with educators as they fight for fair pay and adequate school funding.

Ready to Rally

The RBBB team is a passionate bunch (visual proof above), which is why we all met at founder Sophie Etchart’s house this morning to make some serious statement signs before heading to the rally.

Fighting the Good Fight

Read Better Be Better values (and is endlessly grateful to) all educators who dedicate themselves to empowering and equipping the next generation to be successful.

We stand with you today — and always.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a march to attend.

Dr. Dave signing off!

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