Have questions about the curriculum? Technology? Communication? Wondering how to keep your child engaged while reading? Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact us using the contact info below. 

Program FAQs

RBBB strives to include a wide range of books based on reading level as well as books that students will relate to and/or learn something from. We hope that we have “mirror” books and “window” books: books students can see themselves in as well as books that help them get a glimpse into other perspectives.  

Encourage your Reader to choose the book you will read so they have a sense of ownership over it. Have a conversation about why your Reader chose the book they did, what do they think will happen, etc. Let them know this is all about hearing what they think, no matter what it is! 

Use your “movie voice!” Bring the story alive through your tone and inflection. Make sure there are minimal distractions so your Reader can fully focus on what you’re reading together.  

You can also try goal setting with them: Can you write a funny sticky note? Can you write one for every page? Have them write down whether they like the story or not, and the reason why. 

Use the sentence starters on your Family Literacy Guide to help them start sentences. Ask questions that might prompt a thought like “Does this remind you anything?”. If your Reader still has trouble, try asking them to draw a picture or write one word or phrase about how they are feeling about the book so far.   

While our program targets third-grade students, any child who needs additional support with comprehension would benefit from our program. If you have an older child, try to involve them as well to get them reading with a younger sibling so that they can both benefit from the curriculum.   

Younger kids can interact with the pictures of the books as well.  

We recommend reading together at least twice per week for 30 minutes. This can be easiest to keep consistent if you set aside the same days and times each week, to help create a routine together.

Try to find a quiet area free from distractions that you can use each week.

Communication FAQs

 If you have a question or concern that needs to be addressed before your weekly check-in with your Site Leader, please use the contact form below. Please remember to fill out all fields. 

If you need to reschedule your check-in with your Site Leader, use the list below to contact the District Leader in charge of your Reader’s school district. You can also use our general contact form below. 

Alex Peck: Alhambra & Peoria
Email: Alex@readbetterbebetter.org
Direct: 623-404-6045

Andrea Diaz:  Avondale & Buckeye
Email: Andrea@readbetterbebetter.org
Direct: 623-404-6037

Camille Valenzuela: Creighton & Deer Valley
Email: Camille@readbetterbebetter.org
Direct: 623-404-6047

Lisa Taylor: Casa Grande, Littleton, Osborn, & Union
Email: Lisa@readbetterbebetter.org
Direct: 623-404-6054

Resources & Technology FAQs

You can access the RBBB Virtual Library here.

For access to the Epic digital library, please enter the class code “wni7401” at the Epic webpage. You may access the library from 8-4pm using this class code. To access the library after 4pm please use the above link and sign up for a free parent account. This will allow you 2 hours of free Epic Library use a week.

RBBB also has Storytime videos in English and Spanish on our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Check out Make Way for Books!  Make Way for Books has information on early literacy as well as an Apple and Android mobile app with books and activities geared towards 0-5 year olds.

You can access our online library here.

Please log in with your unique username and password provided to you by your Site Leader.  

Click here to check our calendar and register for a webinar at a time that works for you!  

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