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Our Program

Creating Better Readers & Learners

Read Better Be Better is an after-school literacy program designed to be highly effective and evidence-informed. Our mission is to help all children improve literacy skills to become better learners.

We create change by helping children master reading comprehension in three ways:

  1. Improving concentration
  2. Encouraging an active enjoyment of reading
  3. Helping develop a deeper understanding of what is being read

We support basic classroom instruction with additional comprehension strategies to improve proficiency and positively impact future academic success.

A System That Works

RBBB uses trained middle school volunteers to implement a simple, but highly structured after-school program for 3rd graders. The older students work one-on-one with the younger students, modeling and fostering active engagement with a variety of texts. The program also includes constructive play activities specifically chosen for their ability to focus attention and improve concentration.

Read Better Be Better operates in several Phoenix-area school districts, see Where is RBBB for our current locations.

Phoenix AZ reading program in library.

The heart of our program: 8th graders and 3rd graders working on a story together.

Our Reading Comprehension Curriculum

Participants will receive 45 minutes of core reading comprehension programming per session.

The curriculum is proprietary material, based on constructivism theory which states that all learning is a search for meaning.

Our lesson plans are simple and require no prior planning: the older students work one-on-one with the younger students, modeling and fostering active engagement with a variety of texts.

Every after-school session with Read Better Be Better is structured and predictable. You could walk into any of our classrooms and know exactly what was going to happen next – in this way we keep our students focused on their work, while still keeping things fun.

Complementary Skills: Additional Program Components

Participants choose how to spend the remaining time from a menu of options that includes the following program components: Be A Better Reader or Be A Better Thinker.

These activities have been specifically researched for their ability to focus attention and improve concentration.  These vital cognitive skills are directly linked to the improvement of reading proficiency.

“Be A Better Reader” Activities

Be A Better Reader comprises a selection of extended Reading Comprehension exercises.

Each open-ended question encourages the reader to engage beyond the words on the page. For example, “If you were the author of this text, how would you change the ending of the story?”

“Be a Better Thinker” Activities

Be A Better Thinker comprises of activities researched and proven to increase concentration and improve focus.

The activities are fun and engaging for the children, such as board games, yoga lessons, card games, mindfulness activities and puzzles.