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Read Better Be Better At Home

Read Better Be Better is an after-school reading comprehension and leadership program that is designed to help students become better learners. RBBB At Home is for families with a 2nd–4th grade student and a middle or high student in the home. The middle or high school student will lead the younger student through our program, improving their leadership skills while supporting their partner’s reading skills. Students will read stories, write down their thoughts, and spend time together away from screens.

  • Program participants will be provided with all of the resources needed: a Literacy Kit and virtual training on how to implement the program at home.
  • Participants will complete 6 weeks of programming with 30-minute sessions twice a week.
  • Caregivers will check in with an RBBB Program Coach once a week to help with any questions, concerns, or technical issues. These check-ins will be at a time chosen by the caregiver and are entirely over the phone.
  • To download the curriculum guide and/or view a training video please click here.
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