For Partners

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Thank you for being a proud partner of Read Better Be Better—we appreciate your commitment to helping fight Arizona’s literacy crisis! We have created this page to help organizations, foundations, schools, and partners share our partnership on social media, on websites, and in the news!

Please see the materials below for specific guidelines and verbiage. 

Ways to Recognize Our Partnership

You can publicize our partnership in several ways:

  • Craft and share a blog post or add our logo to the partner section of your website.
  • Contact local media using a press release. We have attached more information under the “Press & Media” section below.
  • Tell your community about our partnership through your newsletter, annual report, and social media. When sharing on social media, please tag us! All accounts are below.

Logo Usage

When using an RBBB logo, please follow the guidelines we have outlined below. If you have questions or need a different format of logo, please contact the Communications Coordinator.

  • Do not alter the color, text, or proportions of our logos.
  • Please place our logo on a plain background with sufficient space on all sides. If the background is a photograph, please use a color block for clarity.
  • Scale the logo proportionately, do not skew or distort the logo’s aspect ratio. Do not crop the logo.

Press & Media

Don’t be afraid to contact local news organizations to let them know about your partnership with Read Better Be Better!  If you would like to send out a press release but are unsure how, linked below is a sample press release that can be used as a guide. 

When emailing news organizations your press release, always try to include pictures and the logos of both RBBB and your organization. RBBB is happy to provide a quote or co-publish a press release! Please send requests to the Communications Coordinator.

two students are reading "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss together with smiles on their faces.


We’ve included some images below that you may download and utilize to highlight our partnership and share the wonderful work we do together. If you have questions or need a specific image or graphic, please contact the Communications Coordinator.

Verbiage: About Read Better Be Better

Read Better Be Better (RBBB) was founded by Sophie Allen-Etchart in 2014 as a response to Arizona’s literacy crisis. The state is ranked 47th in the nation for preK-12th education. According to 2021 AzM2 ELA assessments, 65% of 3rd graders in Arizona do not read at grade level and are often unable to make the necessary transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” by 4th grade. However, with proper reading intervention, there is an 89% chance that students who can read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade will graduate from high school, irrespective of socio-economic status.

RBBB’s mission is to connect young readers and youth leaders to inspire a love of literacy and learning. Through twice-weekly afterschool sessions, middle school “Leaders” develop strong leadership skills while assisting their elementary-aged “Readers” in developing strong literacy skills. On average, RBBB Readers improve 20% more than nonparticipating students on standardized reading comprehension tests.

Since 2015, RBBB has served over 7,500 students and currently provides programming to 66 schools in 10 districts in Maricopa and Pinal counties, as well as several community-based organizations across the state.