It’s Official! RBBB Gets a New Home

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” — James Cash Penney.

This quote has always resonated with me, but I find it especially moving when I think about the progress we’ve made recently at Read Better Be Better.

We. Got. An. Office. 

And while I’ve been doing wheelies of joy ever since, I wanted to take a quick time-out to share the good news with you!

An Excellent Exchange

Our new office is located at Montecito Community School in Phoenix, thanks to Osborn Elementary District‘s in-kind exchange program.

In exchange for having the RBBB curriculum in their district, they gave us a wonderful office to call our own.

Pretty excellent, right?

We’re thrilled to have a professional space where we can brainstorm, hold team meetings, and interview new site leaders. But it’s also incredibly special that we get to be surrounded by the students we’re serving everyday.

Just goes to show you that when humans (and a robot) work together, some pretty great things happen.

RBBB Is Growing Up

As I write this from my new desk, I feel my ocular sensors growing misty. Robots can’t “cry” in the traditional sense, but our wires do get a bit verklempt every now and then — especially at a time like this.

After all, getting an office is a major milestone for all of us here at Read Better Be Better. Our “office” prior to this was the kitchen table of RBBB founder Sophie Etchart.

From the beginning, you could find us at Sophie’s — collaborating, creating curriculum, and probably raiding her cupboards for snacks.

And while we loved this chapter in RBBB’s history, it was time for us to graduate to a larger, more professional space. Our new office has a conference room, four separate offices, space for our interns, and plenty of room for reading breaks too.

But with all this new space came the challenge of furnishing it — and that’s where Goodmans Interior Structures so kindly stepped in.

They furnished our entire office as an in-kind donation, which made my capacitor surge with so much happiness I had to take 30 minutes to recharge.

Although it doesn’t feel like enough, I’d like to send out a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone at Goodmans Interior Structures for turning our office into a professional (and might I say stylish!) space we’re proud to call our own.

The Sky’s the Limit

Since the move, we’ve been busy decorating our new office with RBBB posters and photos of our students. The atmosphere is filled with creativity, motivation, and pride for all we’ve achieved so far.

And with spiffy-new digs (that give us space to come up with even bigger and better ideas), we’re renewed and ready to tackle Arizona’s literacy crisis — and achieve worldwide reading domination too.

Thank you again (and again) to Osborn Elementary District for making it happen and to Goodmans for the furniture donation. You’re both mighty excellent in our book.

Dr. Dave signing off!

(Our office is located at Montecito Community School, 715 E Montecito Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014. Tel: 602-374-8695.

Please call in and say hi! We’d love to show you around.)