In an effort to support our partner school districts during the constant changes in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Read Better Be Better (RBBB) has modified its afterschool core programming. RBBB understands that students may not be participating in afterschool programs in the traditional sense, and has created multiple programming options for the fall: the Read Better Be Better Family Literacy Program and Read Better Be Better At Home.

The Read Better Be Better Family Literacy Program

The Read Better Be Better Family Literacy Program provides families with resources and materials in order to replicate the RBBB after-school program at home. Family Literacy Kits include all materials necessary to improve 3rd-grade reading comprehension: a curriculum guide with instructions for parents and caregivers, a literacy resource sheet, a pencil and sharpener, sticky notes, and several reading materials.  Families that do not have access to a Family Literacy Kit or the means to pick one up from our office are able to download the Family Literacy curriculum guide in either English or Spanish from our website.

Additionally, RBBB has developed training videos in both English and Spanish that demonstrate how to implement the Read Better Be Better curriculum and will soon be launching live webinars to provide additional training to families. Students do not need to be affiliated with an RBBB partner school to receive and use a Family Literacy Kit.

Read Better Be Better At Home 

Read Better Be Better At Home is modeled after our Family Literacy Program, but includes access to Site Leaders and additional online materials. Read Better Be Better At Home is targeted to families that have both a 3rd grader and a middle school student in the home. Targeting these families allows us to continue our core mission of teaching leadership in addition to reading comprehension, achieved by pairing middle school peer mentors with 3rd graders.

Families will be provided with all of the resources needed: a Family Literacy Kit, virtual training on how to implement the program at home, access to an online library, and weekly check-ins with a Read Better Be Better Site Leader. All forms, surveys, and meetings will occur online, allowing for little to no in-person contact between students, RBBB staff, and school staff.

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