Third Grade Literacy

Imagine sitting in class on your first day of school and not being able to understand half of what is being taught to you.

What goes through your mind? Malik, one of our third-grade readers, shares what happens when a child grows up without learning how to read well, why reading is a lifelong asset for everyone saying:

“If you are a grown up and your boss tells you to read something and you can’t read it, they would fire you and other people might laugh at you”.

– Malik, 3rd grade

Unprepared third-graders entering the fourth-grade experience intense feelings of frustration, shame, and defeat. In turn, these feelings motivate children to withdraw from school and not graduate with a high school diploma.

What’s At Stake if A Third Grader Can’t Read Well

The State of Arizona proposed a solution to address low, third-grade reading scores. Their answer is to hold struggling children back as many years as it takes to improve their reading test scores. We believe we can support Arizona’s children better, even those attending schools in districts struggling to stay open.

A Literacy Program Tied to Leadership

Acknowledging children as our future leaders, RBBB equips third and sixth thru eighth graders with tools and training to handle future responsibilities and grow into healthy, independent adults. Our mission supports children in creating a new opportunity to overcome their literacy and learning setbacks and to invest in their communities.

We create change by helping all children master reading comprehension in three proven ways: improving concentration, encouraging active enjoyment of reading, and developing a richer understanding of what is being read.

All children completing the RBBB program are more likely to increase their educational attainment by successfully graduating high school, engaging in higher education, becoming independent learners, obtaining gainful employment, accessing health care, increasing civic engagement, inspiring others to read well, and holding a positive sense of self.

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