Impact Data 2018-2019

Our program is evidence-informed and highly structured.

We measure student progress in multiple ways and the results are in: our third graders are working on their reading skills and improving!

Key highlights from the 2018-19 impact evaluation:

  • Teacher Evaluations show 100% RBBB students improved concentration, enjoyment of reading, and reading comprehension after one semester
  • Self-evaluation against Reader Self-Perception Scale indicates that 85% of RBBB participants “agree” or “strongly agree” that they read better now than they did before they started the program
  • 3rd-grade program evaluations indicated that 78% of RBBB participants find reading easier than it used to be
  • Self-evaluation against the Personal and Social Responsibility Scale indicates that 8th-grade participants tend to improve their attitude toward social welfare, duty, competency and performance
  • 8th-grade program evaluations indicated that one in four Reading Leaders would volunteer for future civic opportunities

Interactive Evaluation Data From All Our Program Sites

This data was prepared and analyzed by an independent organization. Download the Full Report Here


2018-2019 teacher evaluation of 3rd grader concentration ability, reading enjoyment, and comprehension before and after RBBB

2018-2019 parent evaluation of 3rd grader reading improvement following RBBB