Conscious Capitalism

Conscious capitalism is the idea that businesses and society enrich each other simultaneously, creating an upward spiral within our community.

If your business looks to do good and change the lives of those who need it, Read Better Be Better is a perfect partner. Because together we make real and lasting change possible in your own neighborhood.

Conscious Capitalism = Businesses Rewards

There are many worthy causes that a conscious business may support. The fact is:

87% of your employees expect you to give back to the community, especially to causes they care about. (, source: America’s Charities).

And those employees want to be a part of your giving!

Corporate level participation opens doors that individual donors can rarely access. Your company can make a large impact and spearhead critical projects, champion under-represented causes.

What happens when you involve employees in your giving? Employees become inspired and enriched. And they get to be a part of something special. Your workplace culture shifts for the better and a different kind of spirit takes over. It reminds us that we all paddle in the same direction, and we must go the extra mile to make things right.

Be Known For Doing Good

Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope! Conscious capitalism at work.

The Blue Bunny “Helmet of Hope” displayed proudly with the RBBB logo.

One of the most powerful benefits of your company’s involvement is that a deep brand association is created. More than a creative marketing opportunity — you won’t be merely “reaching eyeballs” — you become a catalyst and integral part of solutions to problems that no one else has been.

61% of consumers will try a brand they’ve never heard of just because of the association with a cause that resonates with them. That’s the power of conscious capitalism. You change the world and become a known leader — far beyond the walls of your business HQ.

Why Literacy?

An indisputable connection exists between a third grader’s ability to read proficiently and their lifetime achievements. Kids that read well finish school and go on to careers that support them and their families. But what about kids who don’t read at grade level? They are four times as likely to drop out of high school. And they are significantly more at risk for crime and gang activity.

RBBB participants reading The Giving Tree.It is no coincidence that kids who struggle to read have difficulty in learning and school. Many of these children’s parents are too busy or otherwise unable to help them work on reading skills. Lacking the ability to read and comprehend adequately, frustrations grow. So it is little surprise if students turn away from school. Once divergent of an education path, they then box themselves into a lifetime of lower wages and possibly even turning to crime to make ends meet.

The greatest way to level the playing field for the next generation is through education. And literacy is a requirement for education.

Read Better Be Better works to bring third graders’ reading ability up to grade level with fun and ease — not stress or stigma. Our evidence-informed program produces better readers and better leaders!

A child who understands that reading is fun has a far rippling effect. We hope that you will join us. Become a RBBB supporting partner and leader in conscious capitalism. For generations to come, Arizona families will feel your effect.