Connect us with a new team member and get $50 to Postino Wine Cafe! Be Excellent, Be Kind. That's the RBBB motto!

Candidate Referral Program

Candidate Referral Program

Read Better Be Better (RBBB) takes great pride in its recruitment and selection process—a process which resulted in you joining our organization. Our past history indicates that one of the best sources for candidates, who are likely to meet our rigorous standards, are often located through our existing employees, partners, volunteers and supporters.

That’s where you come in! If you know someone who would be a good addition to the Read Better Be Better team and they meet the qualifications outlined in the job description, you may be awarded a $50.00 gift certificate if you refer them for employment and the candidate completes 30 days of employment.

It’s easy to share RBBB job opportunities to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can click the email option to send the job link to specific contacts. We encourage you to include a short, personal note in your post or email about why they should consider working for RBBB.


Referral Bonus Program Policy

1. Once a candidate is hired and completes 30 calendar days of employment, the referring employee will receive a $50.00 gift card.

2. All referrals will be tracked using the RBBB Job Referral Portal.

3. The referring individual must apply through the RBBB online application system.

4. In the event that the same candidate is referred by more than one individual, the date of the earliest referral will govern.

5. I understand I am responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from Referral Rewards and RBBB will comply with all federal reporting as required by law.

6. RBBB reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion.


If you have a candidate in mind you that would be an excellent RBBB team member, please submit a referral candidate form-

If you are a first-time referrer, please follow the instructions pdf below-